Who Sold Sugley Dene?

Who Sold Sugley Dene?

Residents of Dumpling Hall and Lemington are concerned about the apparent sale of the southern half of Sugley Dene.

Warning signs were put up stating there should be no trespassing as it was private land. Documents show it was originally owned by the council.

John Gordon (pictured below at Sugley Dene) said: “Sugley Dene was given protected Local Nature Reserve status in 2005. At that time, the land was owned by Newcastle City Council. When did they sell it?

“Some would say this was a simple question.   However, despite asking a number of questions to senior council officers , we have not been able to get straight answer to the question.

“We understand that residents have also asked questions to Labour politicians, including Cllr Kim McGuinness, who is the Cabinet Member responsible for parks and open spaces.

“As a Local Nature Reserve, Sugley Dene should be controlled by the council. When will the council give us the answers we seek?”


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    I live next to Sugley seen and in recent years there appears that no maintenance has been done at all. The trees are starting to overhang some properties blocking natural light and some residents are using it as a dumping ground for anything and everything including old furniture. The residents have a right to know who to contact, so much for it being a nature reserve. It’s becoming a disgrace!

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