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In the Outer West of Newcastle, Lemington Ward comprises Blucher,  Lemington Village, Lemington Rise, West Denton Park, Bell’s Close, Dumpling Hall and South West Denton. 

Newcastle Independents spokesperson for Lemington is Jason Smith. 

Jason has lived in Lemington Ward for most of his life. He was brought up in Dumpling Hall and now lives in South West Denton.

More Facilities are Needed for Young People in Lemington

Newcastle Independents are calling for action to be taken on the woefully inadequate provision of local recreational space for young people in Lemington and across the Outer West.

The call comes in the wake of a controversial proposed housing development on a local field  opposite the Peregruine pub. In advance of any planning application, the council has installed new traffic lights, removed a valued skateboard park and threatens to remove a field which is home to wildlife including bats.

Council documents show that there is insufficient youth recreational areas in Lemington, compared to the council’s own required standards. In fact, every ward that borders Lemington also fail to meet this standard, leaving an even bigger shortage.

Local campaigner Jason Smith said: "Many local residents are angry that the council is taking away precious local green space when council papers show that we have less than the council standard.

"I first highlighted the lack of parks and recreation space in Lemington in 2006 and, while we need action on anti-social behaviour, we cannot ignore the lack of facilities for young people. Other parts of the city have facilities for young people, why do we not have them here?

"Why would the council get rid of facilities rather than investing in new ones? Residents of Lemington Ward are paying   council tax but deprived of facilities enjoyed elsewhere. While the council can find money for the Gala Field in Newbiggin Hall, we in Lemington Ward are demanding that we also  have access to decent facilities here."

You can sign the save West Denton field petition here.


Birchfield Gardens Slip Road

Newcastle Independents campaigners and local residents are celebrating after Highways England is planning to look at retaining the exit from South West Denton when it makes proposed changes to the A1.

Newcastle Independents group leader Jason Smith (pictured) was amongst those who supported local residents to fight the proposal. Although councillors claimed the credit, they refused to sign the community petition. 

For more information, please click here.



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