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Callerton & Throckley

Callerton & Throckley

In the Outer West of Newcastle, Callerton & Throckley Ward comprises Newburn, Walbottle, Throckley, Whorlton, Callerton, Black Callerton, Woolsington and Newcastle Airport.

Walbottle resident Ian Donaldson is the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First spokesman for Callerton & Throckley.

Ian is a breath of fresh air and has decided to challenge politician councillors by running to be Callerton & Throckley's next councillor. Ian has lived in Walbottle all his life and his family roots in the ward can be traced back to his great grandfather who was a miner at Callerton Pit. Ian is a manager with Royal Mail and is well known to many people in Throckley from his days as a postman in the area. 

Ian is passionate about doing the best for the area he lives in and, if elected, will campaign for better transport connections, improved facilities for children and young people and tackling anti social behaviour. He is also concerned about ongoing problems at Walbottle tip and also the lack of investment in infrastructure to support the large scale development imposed on the community.

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