Vote for Local Community Candidates Today

Vote for Local Community Candidates Today

Don't Just Hope For A Better Newcastle. Vote For It.

Today is your chance to take back our city from the party politicians who have failed us for too long. There are 18 Newcastle First and Independent local community candidates standing in this election in the following wards

[swm_one_half first] Newcastle First

  • Benwell & Scotswood - Adam Mitchell
  • Callerton & Throckley - William Jobes
  • Denton & Westerhope - Alan McKenna, Tracey Mitchell & Jason Smith
  • Lemington - Sarah Armstrong & John Gordon
  • West Fenham - Ian Fraser [/swm_one_half]

  • Byker - Jacqui Gilchrist
  • Callerton & Throckley - Idwal John
  • Castle - Rachel Locke
  • Chapel - Marc Donnelly, Ernie Shorton & Olga Shorton
  • Parklands - John Dockerty & John Hall

Each independent candidate has made their own pledges locally.

Some Newcastle First candidates have also made local pledges. The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has set out its priorities in a manifesto for the city, committing itself to:

  • Get the basics right by:
    • Improving our roads through action on potholes and new standards for managing winter in the city
    • Improving bin collections and keeping our city clean
    • Reintroducing school crossing patrols across the city
  • Strengthen Our City Economy by:
    • Creating more jobs for Geordies
    • Establishing Geordie Power a council owned energy company to tackle fuel poverty and invest in sustainable energy
  • Build sustainable communities by:
    • Making sure house building meets local demand and give existing residents a higher priority in council housing allocations
    • Improving public transport and cycling infrastructure
    • Protecting and investing in our parks and green open spaces
  • Empower communities by:
    • Funding People's Ward Committees to bring residents together and ensure accountability of councillors to the people who elected them
    • Devolving power to local communities and strengthening the role of all councillors through the creation of new Local Area Committees to make key decisions for their community
    • Cut the cost of politics in Newcastle by reducing the number of paid councillors

Group Leader Jason Smith said: "We are determined to improve our city for the better. Our hard working candidates will become hard working councillors if they are elected.

"Sadly, this has been the nastiest election I have ever experienced. Lib Dems reported an independent candidate to the police for omitting his address from his election leaflet and they have accused our organisation of being 'made up'. We are registered with the Electoral Commission so have the same legal status as the Liberal Democrats.

"When I learned of the defamatory Lib Dem leaflet, I contacted the agent to draw her attention to the error but received no response from her and they continued to deliver it. This left us with no choice other than to report the leaflet and the serious allegations it contained to the Returning Officer."





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