The Bridge That Time Forgot…

The Bridge That Time Forgot…

This bridge connects Denton Burn and South West Denton across the A1. As it straddles two council wards, it has become the forgotten bridge.



This bridge is used by children from South West Denton to go to Broadwood and St Bede's Primary Schools and by children in Denton Burn who go to Waverley Primary School. It is also used by elderly residents on both sides of the bridge to access local shops in Denton Burn or Southway.

Local residents have complained to local community campaigner for Lemington Ward John Gordon about the failure of the council to grit the bridge in winter and clear up dog dirt all year round.

John said: "The Newcastle Party has been contacted by a number of residents who say that the bridge has become particularly unsafe this winter. One local resident who spoke to us said an elderly man fell while crossing the bridge because of the combination of ice and moss build up on the bridge.

"Half of the bridge is in Benwell & Scotswood Ward and the other half in Lemington Ward. Both wards are currently represented by Labour Councillors, yet neither have bothered to take action to protect children going to school and elderly residents accessing local shops. Our most vulnerable citizens are at risk of being injured by basic maintenance on this bridge.

"The bridge is in quite an exposed location so needs to be prepared for winter weather conditions. I am demanding that urgent action is taken to make sure the bridge the council forgot is properly prepared for winter."

Leader of the Newcastle Party, Jason Smith, said: "Newcastle's Labour councillors voted to take away school crossing patrols so it's hardly surprising that gritting bridges used by children and elderly residents is not a high priority. Local residents will be backing John's campaign to remind the council about the bridge that time forgot."




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  1. So why isn’t Newcastle Council and the Highways Agency improving it ? Let’s not take what we have for granted seeing it’s well used by children and parents, and is a real asset to the community – much better than having to go the long way round, or swimming across !
    – why messy ; don’t the local Councillors in Lemington and Benwell even care about decent neighbourhoods ? Presumably not based on the last time I walked through the areas ! care about increasing dog dirt and litter ? And if so, what are they going to do about it.
    Well done John, and many thanks for bringing it to public attention re so-called “decent neighbourhoods”

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