School Crossing Patrols Nick-ed

School Crossing Patrols Nick-ed

As school crossing patrols disappear across Newcastle, the Leader of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has described his anger at the loss of such a vital service.

Jason Smith said: "The Labour administration protected councillor jobs by insisting that Newcastle needs to keep its 78 councillors. Our school crossing patrols have been stolen from the next generation. This is 23 more than Nottingham, it is just 7 less than Glasgow and just 6 less than Sheffield with both having a population that is around twice the size of Newcastle.

"If Newcastle had cut the number of councillors to match Nottingham, a city that has a larger population than Newcastle, we would have saved over £200,000 just a little short of the amount needed to save school crossing patrols.

"Labour's priority is to put councillors first while we want to put children's safety first. Local people are starting to realise that their priorities are not our priorities."


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