Newcastle First Thanks Voters for their Support

Newcastle First Thanks Voters for their Support

The Leader of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has thanked local residents for their support in the local elections and two local by-elections.

Jason said: “Newcastle First was launched on Valentine's Day by a few people with great passion to make our city better. We had limited resources and were starved of publicity as the media focused on the battle for control of the council between Lib Dems and Labour. Voters of Newcastle are fed up with the broken promises from the big parties and many want to vote for an independent party that puts our city first.

“Just a few weeks after our launch, we have been able to deliver for local people and convince many local people to put their faith in us.

“At the local elections, we beat the Conservatives in one ward and a Lib Dem candidate in another and, in the Westerhope by-election, we were ahead of both the Conservatives and Lib Dems. Our election results are a good foundation on which to build. Newcastle's only independent party is here to stay.

“We will continue to recruit activists to work on behalf of local people and, where necessary, stand up to the local elite and vested interests. We will not compromise in our agenda to put local people in control and bring change to Newcastle. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved in changing our city.

“It is clear that the Lib Dem domination of politics in Newcastle is over and I am making a bold offer to remaining Liberal Democrat supporters, activists and councillors who care about local people before party political dogma to come and join us in standing up for the people of Newcastle.”


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