Newcastle First is Relaunched as Newcastle Independents

Newcastle First is Relaunched as Newcastle Independents

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has today relaunching itself as the Newcastle Independents.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party was launched as a Valentine’s Day gift for the people of Newcastle on 14 February 2011. As Newcastle’s only local community based registered political party, the organisation has built its reputation on standing up for local people and campaign for local democracy.

Group Leader Jason Smith said: “We want our relaunch as Newcastle Independents to send a very clear message that we are independently-minded, hard-working, local campaigners who want to bring real change to our communities.

“The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party, or Newcastle First as it has been known to many, had a number of different identities that caused confusion. We wanted a clear, crisp name that describes what we are.”

With its relaunch, Newcastle Independents is inviting new people to get involved and to join the growing movement for change.

Jason added: “We would welcome more people to join us and help us change our city for the better.

“Despite the change of name, Newcastle Independents remains committed to putting local people first and bringing community politics back to Newcastle. We are Newcastle based and rooted in our communities. To be always putting local people first is our clear commitment now and in the future.”

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