Newcastle First 2nd Birthday

Newcastle First 2nd Birthday

Newcastle First reaches a landmark second birthday today.

Launched on Valentine’s Day 2011, the founder members of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party pledged their love for our city and promised to build support to take the city back from the politician councillors who have badly let down Newcastle.

Just a couple of months later, the organisation fielded seven candidates in the local elections and achieved an impressive result in the face of significant media attention on the three main parties. Newcastle First campaigners played an active role in a number of campaigns, most notably challenging the council over its plan to bulldoze the precious greenbelt.

Newcastle First candidates stood in half the wards in the city in 2012. Newcastle First candidates achieved second place in a number of places and, in the 13 wards with a Newcastle First candidate, the organisation secured more votes than the Conservatives, BNP and independents put together.

Party Leader Jason Smith said: “Two years ago, a small number of people planning to stand as independent councillors - united in a belief that we needed more community representation in the council chamber - came together to form Newcastle First. At that time, we could not have dreamed that little over a year later, our small community based organisation would be just a few votes short of beating the combined Lib Dem and Conservative vote in the Outer West of the city.

“What sets us apart from the party politician councillors is a real commitment to the North East, Newcastle and our local community. Just this week, we have welcomed our newest member Tim Gilks, showing that Newcastle First is increasingly seen not only as the main challenger to Labour in Newcastle but also a home for people of faith and those who want to put people before politics.”

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