Newcastle First Backs McCabe4Mayor

Newcastle First Backs McCabe4Mayor

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has this week thrown its weight behind John McCabe’s campaign to be the first Elected Mayor for the North of Tyne.

John McCabe is the only independent candidate in the mayoral election and he has committed himself to:

  • Closing the economic gap between the North of Tyne and other countries and regions of the UK,
  • Improving education,
  • Improving our environment,
  • Strengthening communities and
  • Establishing a Mayoral Commission on Opportunity.

Many of these issues fit with issues are in line with Newcastle First campaigns.

The Newcastle Community First Party, the only community based registered political party in the North of Tyne, will be urging its supporters to put the independent candidate for mayor as first choice on the ballot paper.

Local election campaign co-ordinator Adam Mitchell said: “Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem parties are failing the country and the UKIP have selected a controversial candidate. John McCabe has put up a strong fight against these party politicians and we can get behind the policies he has set out in his manifesto.

“We are urging everyone who normally votes for Newcastle First to vote for us and the independent candidate for mayor this year. We wish John well and hope he will succeed in being elected as our first Elected Mayor for North of Tyne.”

Newcastle First has opposed the creation of a mayor. Party Leader Jason Smith added: “We backed an Elected Mayor for Newcastle a few years ago and voters in Newcastle rejected the creation of a mayor. We believe that, if politicians ask the voters to decide an issue through a referendum, they should respect the decision the voters make.

“Although the Newcastle First has opposed the creation of the mayor post, we are now getting behind John McCabe to bring a strong independent voice to the role. Good luck John.”

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