Local Campaigners Publish Manifesto for the City

Local Campaigners Publish Manifesto for the City

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has published its manifesto for the city council elections on 2 May.

The independent campaigning organisation is contesting 7 wards in the West of the city. The manifesto focuses on the issues residents are concerned about including:

  • Getting the basics right by tackling potholes and improving bin collections;
  • Challenging the council to strengthen our city economy by creating more jobs, fighting against the congestion charge proposed for the city centre and tackling fuel poverty by creating a publicly owned energy company;
  • Building sustainable communities by improving our open spaces, improve public transport and make sure housing stock is sufficient to meet local demand;
  • Backing residents in their campaign against the Dewley Hill opencast mine;
  • Devolving power to local communities by creating 4 or 5 new Local Area Committees to make key decisions at a more local level.

Party Leader Jason Smith, who is standing in Benwell & Scotswood Ward, said: “Labour has spent their time in office dismantling many of the city’s democratic processes and cutting services. When the council can find money to give the chief executive a pay rise, deliver pet projects and build council reserves while failing to deliver the basics, something is very wrong.

“The politics in our city is broken and the city is crying out for change from the failed policies of successive Labour and Lib Dem administrations. Meanwhile Tory candidates are so embarrassed by their party that they don't mention the word Conservative in their campaign literature! We are setting out a real plan for change in Newcastle.

“If elected, every one of our councillors will be far more accountable to local people than current Labour and Lib Dem councillors. Our manifesto sets out our plans to change Newcastle for the better and the priorities that Newcastle First councillors will campaign for.”

The full manifesto is available here.

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