Let’s Talk Rubbish

Let’s Talk Rubbish

Newcastle First has launched a campaign to save our weekly bin collections. In recent months, a number of councils have announced plans to start collecting rubbish fortnightly and Labour are believed to be considering plans to introduce fortnightly collections across Newcastle.

Ernie Shorton, Newcastle First spokesman for Westerhope Ward (pictured left), said: “Councils provide a number of vital services but when most people think about the council, they think rubbish. We have seen councils across the North East and the rest of the country introduce fornightly bin collections in the face of significant opposition from local residents.

“Newcastle's Labour leadership has been silent on weekly bin collections and there are growing concerns that the service is going to be cut. We must act now to stop them cutting this vital service.”

Jason Smith, Newcastle First spokesman for Lemington Ward (pictured right), said: “Labour's Let's Talk initiative is about painting unpopular decisions as being the result of proposals from residents but no one will fall for their spin. Our campaign is intended to save our weekly bin collection service by getting a commitment from Labour that it will not be their latest cut. We need as many people as possible to sign our online petition and to challenge Labour councillors to talk about rubbish.”

For more information, click here. Please encourage friends and relatives to sign the petition.

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