John Gordon Joins the Lemington Team

John Gordon Joins the Lemington Team

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has this week announced that it has selected John Gordon as its spokesman and one of its prospective councillors for Lemington Ward in May 2018.

John is well known locally having been part of the Newcastle Party's Outer West team for a number of years, working on behalf of local residents in Lemington and Newburn Wards.

John Gordon said: "I am delighted to have been selected as a spokesman for Lemington Ward. Labour Councillors have taken the area for granted for too long and Lemington needs independent councillors who put their needs before party loyalties.

"Newcastle Party campaigners have a proven track record in Lemington Ward including challenging Newcastle Labour in 2012 over its plans to build houses on a number of sites in Lemington and more recently led the charge against Highways England proposal to close the A1 link road from South West Denton."



  1. There is much to be done in Newburn. We have recently asked the “question”, but do not get a satisfactory response from our present councillors. There are many volunteer groups doing their best for this community but the “jobs worth” syndrome seems prevalent when information is required. Would you be accessible if in office? We need transparency.
    Finally, are you affiliated to any of the main parties, or acting as an independent councillor as your party title suggests.?

    • Thank you for your message.

      If elected, we will set up regular surgeries and launch People’s Ward Committee meetings to replace ward committees the Labour Party have effectively scrapped by making them just once a year.

      We believe the national parties share a common flaw, which is that they will always put party before the people they represent. We put local people first always.

      We are independent campaigners not affiliated to any national political party. We are willing to work with Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives, UKIP and Greens as well as other independent groups when we have common interests with them.

      Thanks again for contacting us. If you would like to get more involved or find out more about us, please send us an email at

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