An Invitation to Put Newcastle First

An Invitation to Put Newcastle First

A new local party for Newcastle upon Tyne has today written to Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors in the city inviting them to put Newcastle first.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party was launched on Valentine’s Day, making clear that it hoped voters would take it to their hearts by 5 May. It was formally registered with the Electoral Commission on 18 February. The party’s aim is to take back the council from the politicians who represent the national political parties and to give a voice to ordinary people in the council chamber.

The party has attracted a wide range of independent-minded candidates who have never stood for election as well as people who have been candidates for other parties. All have come together to fight to create a new kind of politics for Newcastle.

Party Leader, Jason Smith, said: “We have written to current Labour and Lib Dem councillors to give them an opportunity to get behind the change we want to bring to our city. It is the first time they have been challenged to put Newcastle before their party and there will be a big welcome to any who choose to put Newcastle first.”

Jason also unveiled six of the candidates who will stand as the party’s candidates in the May local elections. They are Alan McKenna in Castle, Ian Proud in Denton, John Gordon in Fawdon, Wendy Thackray in Lemington, Olga Shorton in Newburn and Jason Smith in Westerhope Ward.

Jason said: “Since we launched on Valentine’s Day, the party has attracted a wide range of candidates including those named today. Some of our candidates have not felt able to vote in recent years because they were tired of the old, failed politics in Newcastle.

“The bedrock of new politics Newcastle First believes in is a determination to see councillors acting as the voice of local people in the council chamber not the council’s voice in their ward. We want to see councillors championing their ward and raising local issues in the council chamber not using it as a platform to squabble over which party has been most destructive to our city when in Government.”

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