Hands Off Our Green Belt

Hands Off Our Green Belt

“Hands off our green belt” is the message delivered to Newcastle City Council by the Leader of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party at the end of a three month consultation about the local development core strategy.

Newcastle First campaigners argue that the council is over-estimating the number of houses that will be needed over the next 15 years and that there is no need to build on Newcastle’s precious green belt.

Party leader Jason Smith said: “The green belt was created to avoid largescale development in areas that should be protected and should only be built on in “exceptional circumstances”. The council has failed to demonstrate any “exceptional circumstances” and bulldozing the green belt to simply build houses because the council wants to is simply not acceptable.

“Our message to the council and developers is simple: hands of our green belt. We will fight to put local people and our environment before the profits of the big corporations.”

In its response, Newcastle First has again demanded that Gateshead takes its fair share of proposed housing.

Jason added: “Gateshead has fewer houses than Newcastle but about 20% more space. We are getting a raw deal and it’s time for the Labour administration in Newcastle to start standing up for our interests against those of Gateshead Council and the developers.”

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