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Geordies Better Off Out
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Geordies Better Off Out

The retiring Leader of Newcastle's only independent political party has today called on fellow Geordies to back a UK exit from the EU. The party will release a full policy statement after the local elections showing how membership of the EU is bad for Geordies.

Ernie said: "Newcastle First believes that power should be as close to individuals, their families and their communities as possible. Newcastle is 300 miles from London and even further from Brussels and neither the UK government nor the EU has served us well. The EU, which takes decision as far away as possible, is frankly a failing institution. It is a giant titanic hurtling towards icebergs and we will be safer and stronger putting distance between us and it.

“Labour, Lib Dem and Tory campaigners for the remain side argue that many of the developments in the North East would not have happened without EU funds. If true, this is a shocking admission that bureaucrats in Brussels care more about investing in Newcastle more than successive Labour, Liberal and Tory governments.

“We believe it is time for the UK to take control of its own borders, make its own laws and set the terms of its trade with the rest of the world. I urge all Geordies to join the UK war of independence from the EU by supporting the campaign to leave the European Union.”

Ernie Shorton has also announced he will be standing down as party leader to focus his energy on campaigning for a vote to leave the EU.

Ernie added: “As we are a local independent party focused on local issues, it is not appropriate for the party leader to be taking a leading role in a national campaign. Nevertheless, this is such an important issue for the future of our city and I will take on a new role of Brexit Campaign Co-ordinator within Newcastle First.

“I am pleased that Jason Smith has agreed to get actively involved again and to take a leadership role within the organisation. Jason has the proven that he has the drive and determination to stand up for local people against the party politicians in the civic centre.”

Jason Smith, Acting Leader of Newcastle First, said: “Ernie has played a key role in the development of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party in the 5 years since it was launched. He will continue to work for Newcastle First and to campaign on the issues he cares passionately about, at street, city and national levels.”


In keeping with our constitution, this is a national issue so individual members are not bound by the organisation’s policy and are able to take a different view. Leading members of the Newcastle First campaign organisation will be backing Vote Leave.

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