Elected Mayor: No Vote Will Disadvantage Newcastle

Elected Mayor: No Vote Will Disadvantage Newcastle

Newcastle’s only independent party has today warned that Newcastle could be at a competitive disadvantage if voters do not vote yes to an elected mayor.

At a meeting in Downing Street, the Prime Minister has announced that as well as boosting economic development and be more accountable to voters, elected mayors would be invited to join a new “cabinet of mayors” which will give elected mayors direct access to the Government and senior national politicians.

North Tyneside, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool already have elected mayors, Liverpool has recently created one and other cities are expected to vote yes when the referendum takes place on 3 May.

Newcastle First Leader Jason Smith, who was at the meeting, said: “The Prime Minister said he hoped Mayoral Cities would have an opportunity through the Cabinet of Mayors to lobby the Government and swap ideas and initiatives to deliver extra power and resources to cities with elected mayors.

“The choice for Newcastle is stark. We can continue the current system of a councillor being selected behind closed doors to be the leader of the council and put Newcastle in the slow lane. Or we can create a People’s Mayor elected by and accountable to every person in the city and have real influence at the heart of Government.”

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