Don’t just hope for a better Newcastle. Help us deliver it.

Don’t just hope for a better Newcastle. Help us deliver it.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party is looking for committed, independent people who want to change our city for the better.

Local people can become involved as a community campaigner, a member of Newcastle First or help distribute local newsletters. They could even help us to take control of the city by standing for election to be a councillor.

Ian Fraser (pictured) got involved with the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party after becoming fed up with the way the city was run. Ian said: "The city of Newcastle is run as a fiefdom by people who have no respect for the wishes or concerns of the citizens of Newcastle. Too many decisions are taken behind closed doors.

"There are too many councillors who use the role to provide a second income and then do little or nothing for the ward or the people they represent. They are accountable to party first  because the party puts in the resources to get them elected.

"We need more local independent councillors in our city. How many people are willing to give the time and effort to change their community for the better?

"When I was younger, my mentor gave me this advice: If you do today what you did yesterday, things will never change. That's why I agreed to stand up for my city and local community by joining with Newcastle First to campaign for change."

Party Leader Jason Smith said: "Our city has been failed for too long by the party politicians who run our city. Many people hope for change but don't know how to deliver it. Our message to geordies is clear: don't just hope for a better Newcastle - make it happen!"


You can become a Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party candidate by filling in the form below:



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