Denton & Westerhope Community Campaigners

Denton & Westerhope Community Campaigners

Denton & Westerhope Local Community Campaigners

Dirty Tricks
We are disappointed to report that one of the candidates has resorted to dirty tricks in his smoke and mirrors campaign here in Denton & Westerhope. He has stood in a number of places over the years and mayhem normally follows in his wake. We believe his campaign is a deliberate attempt to split the vote. See “Immitation is the Highest Form of Flattery” below. 

Lead Denton & Westerhope community campaigner and candidate at the 2019 local election, Tracey Mitchell, was brought up locally and now lives in Chapel House with her husband and two children. Tracey is a support worker at a charitable organisation and is a responsible dog owner who loves to spend time outdoors, taking advantage of our green spaces.

In 2018, Tracey was just 162 votes short of being elected. She was humbled that over 1,000 local residents put their faith in her to be councillor. One of the other candidates has described her as "hard core" presumably because of how hard she works for the community. 

Tracey's is the only local address on the ballot paper and she is the only candidate who has never ever stood for election anywhere except Denton and Westerhope Ward. The rest are career politicians who have stood in other wards and most have kept their address secret. If they hide their address, what else aren’t they telling you?

Local people backing Tracey

Tracey has been grateful to have received the backing of so many local residents in her campaign for change in Denton and Westerhope. It has been a pleasure to talk to so many people on the doorstep and also caught up with people she hasn't seen for a number of years.

Our canvass shows it is a clear choice about local mam Tracey or Labour's Heaton based candidate at this election. A vote for any other candidate will let Labour win by the back door.

Tracey would like to say a big thank you to Sheraz for displaying her posters in his family shops in Westerhope Village. 


Taking a pride in our area

Tracey is committed to the local area and she has been engaged in a number of community litterpicks and clean up of local signs.

Many local people are concerned about litter and dog poo, some of which is caused by the council’s decision to relocate or remove some of the bins that people have used for years.

On a recent litterpick, Tracey was concerned to find a box that had contained diazepam tablets and alcohol. 




Campaigning for Sustainable Development

Tracey has made it clear that one of her priorities if she is elected as councillor is to fight for infrastructure for the large scale housing developments in the area.

As a local resident, Tracey has made her views known on the developments on Parkway field (pictured right) and the proposal to build houses on the playing fields at the West Denton Community Association (pictured left).

It is clear that local roads that are already heavily congested at peak times and that local roads may not be able to cope with the volume of additional traffic.

Tracey has organised a public meeting on Thursday 9 May at 7.30pm at the West Denton Community Association on Hillhead Road to give residents an opportunity to express their view



Challenging Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Many people across the area are concerned about crime and anti social behaviour.

Tracey has attended meetings with police, council and residents to highlight the problems raised with her.

There have been problems with youths hanging around Morrisons including some throwing of stones at staff and customers. These young people give law abiding young people a bad name and make it seem unsafe to walk the streets. 

As councillor, Tracey will be demanding that action is taken to make our streets safe.

Protecting local services

Government cuts and the council's wrong priorities have resulted in a storm that is stripping away the services local people rely on.

Tracey is campaigning to stop the closure of the Outer West Customer Services office for Your Homes Newcastle and Newcastle City Council. These services are a lifeline for local people, especially older people who do not have access to the internet and there are no bus services from West Denton to the alternative West End Customer Service Centre in Benwell.

Tracey recently attended a fire service charity car wash event. Tracey is concerned about the impact of Government cuts on our fire, police and ambulance services.



Imitation is the highest form of flattery

While it is true that imitation is the highest form of flattery, Tracey has been disappointed to find that one of political candidates - an ex Tory from Gosforth who boasted on TV of his links to David Cameron and who has stood for 4 parties in 6 or more different wards in his political career - is masquerading as an independent in a desperate bid to get elected here.

We wish to make it clear that neither he nor anyone connected with his campaign have any links to Tracey or her community campaign team. 

Much of his campaign is based on trying to take the credit for the efforts of Tracey's team, Newcastle First and others in the local area. He can copy what Tracey says, he can copy what Tracey does and he can copy Tracey's black and white rosette but he does not have the passion for this area that Tracey has! 

In addition to trying to claim other people's work as his own, he has also been accused of using photos of local residents on his propaganda without their permission. All of the people photographed on Tracey's campaign literature have given their permission to be photographed. 

If he was truly concerned about working for the community, why doesn’t he stand in Gosforth Ward where he has lived for many years? He wouldn't be the first person to stand as an independent to stop independents being elected. 

2nd May can be independents day in Denton & Westerhope

Don't let the party politicians and their helpers steal this election from you. Never let them take us for granted again.

Every vote for Tracey Mitchell at this election is a vote for a new kind of councillor who is passionate, committed to the area and proud to say she lives here, unlike her opponents.

If you want change, vote for it. Vote for Tracey Mitchell.  


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