Cut Councillors Not Services

Cut Councillors Not Services

Newcastle’s only independent political party has today called for a reduction in councillors to save money and increase accountability.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party proposes:

  • Halving the number of councillors from 78 to 39;
  • Replacing 26 three member wards with 39 single member wards;
  • Exposing lazy councillors who can currently hide behind one or two colleagues.

In addition to saving money, Newcastle First campaigners believe their proposal will result in a closer link between councillors and the people who elected them.

Party Leader Jason Smith said: “Over a three year period, we can save more than £2million in the cost of elections and councillor allowances by making this change. If we made this change, Newcastle would still have more councillors for its relative size than Leeds and Birmingham.

“Our proposal for expanding the number of wards in Newcastle will give a much clearer relationship between a councillor and his or her electors. Smaller wards will give each voter a much clearer voice than they have now.

“There are very few multi-member wards with councillors from more than one party and these usually involve intense jockeying for position and in the remainder with three councillors of the same party there may as well be one.

“No doubt politician councillors will claim that they could not possibly work if the gravy train was reduced in size. However, Labour has already streamlined the council so there is a Cabinet of six making all of the key decisions and the other 72 councillors are backbench councillors whose key role is to scrutinise or oppose their actions.

“We must cut councillors not vital services.”

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