Council Must Learn Lessons from Newburn

Council Must Learn Lessons from Newburn

Newcastle First campaigners are calling for lessons to be learnt after a flood and planning failure has made parts of Newburn Ward look like a disaster movie. The problem in Newburn has caused by the collapse of a culvert affecting residents of Mill Vale and Spencer Court directly but has had a wider impact on other parts of Newburn and Walbottle.

Newcastle First spokesman for Newburn Ward John Gordon has called for residents of Mill Vale, Spencer Court and other areas to be compensated and receive a refund on their council tax.

However, beyond dealing with the consequences of the collapse, Newcastle First campaigners believe the council must learn significant lessons for their local development plan.

Jason Smith said: “The destruction of parts of Newburn should serve as a warning to the council about the consequences of bending their knee to housing developers.

“The council is proposing a large scale housing development in the Outer West of the city, with thousands of new houses built. Campaigners have already highlighted that the drainage system in the North of the city may not cope with the large scale development proposed. I am concerned that the impact of building thousands of houses on existing infrastructure has not been considered properly and that we might see further problems of this kind elsewhere.

“If the council allows large scale development in the west of the city, how many more people will suffer like residents of Newburn have? Labour councillors must rethink their plans to destroy our greenbelt to make profits for big business.

“It is time for our council to put people before council tax revenue.”

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