Charity Begins at Home, Prime Minister

Charity Begins at Home, Prime Minister

Newcastle’s only independent party has today called on David Cameron to confirm in his speech tomorrow that the UK will have an in-or-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party believes that jobs for Geordies will only be possible if the UK Government is able to control its own borders and money invested in vital infrastructure instead of being funnelled into EU coffers.

The campaign organisation is also demanding a cut in foreign aid.

Party Secretary Ernie Shorton said: “Too often, we are told there is no money to pay for vital investment that would underpin the local economy, such as an extension to the Metro to the west end of Newcastle and Hexham, Washington and Cramlington.

“However, the Government has no problem finding money to hand over to foreign regimes to support their own investment. While David Cameron’s Government is handing over £280million a year to India, which is spending billions of pounds on its own space programme, Geordies are seeing a growth in food banks.

“While it is important to support less well off countries when money is plentiful, now is not the time. Charity begins at home, Prime Minister, and we urge you to tackle deep-rooted problems in this country.

“£45million a day is going from the UK to pay for Europe institutions which then make laws we have to follow and cannot overturn. No one under 55 has had an opportunity to vote on our relationship with the EU and, while Scotland debates its future within the UK, surely it is right for the UK to decide whether it should regain its independence from Europe.

“David Cameron must show that he trusts the British people and give us a vote about whether Britain should remain a member of the EU.

“We have concluded that the best way to deliver Jobs for Geordies is for the country to regain control of its borders, put in place infrastructure to develop the North East economy instead of funding EU institutions and stop funding to help feed the poor in emerging superpowers while British citizens are having to rely on food banks.”

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