Can you help us to transform Newcastle?

Can you help us to transform Newcastle?

Don't just hope for a better Newcastle... help us make it happen

Can you help us transform our city?


Newcastle Independents was created by ordinary local people rooted in the community who want to bring real change to our city.

We want to hand control of the council to ordinary local people and focus the council on our priorities. We are a small local party with limited resources compared to the national parties.

We need your help!

To bring about a change to the way our city is run, we need the support of our supporters from across the city. Finding people willing to stand as active candidates is a high priority but we need people in all areas and some will not be able to give as much time and energy as others.

Whether you have stood for election for one of the national parties and got fed up with their lack of commitment to Newcastle or have never stood in an election before, we want to hear from you. As a council candidate, you can help local people and have real influence in your community.

However much time or commitment you can give, we want to hear from you.

Standing as a candidate is important because it allows people across the city the opportunity to vote for community based candidates.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss standing for the council with one of our team.



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