Brian Moore

Brian Moore

Mr Brian Moore

We wish to make it clear that Mr Brian Moore, who is based in Gosforth, has no association of any kind with the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party.

We worked very closely with the North of England Community Alliance during the 2017 General Election campaign and Mr Moore was its candidate in Newcastle North. After the election, the North of England Community Alliance disassociated itself from Mr Moore.

Although Mr Moore has been a candidate for the Conservatives, Lib Dems, UKIP and the North of England Community Alliance, he has never stood as a candidate for Newcastle First nor has he ever been a member.

We understand that Mr Moore is standing as a candidate in the Denton & Westerhope Ward to split the independent vote and help Labour to win. When we tried to work out how many wards Mr Moore has stood in previously, we lost count. Does he think people in Denton & Westerhope will be tricked into electing a Gosforth based councillor?


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