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A Bold New Vision for Newcastle

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has today launched its manifesto the local elections in May 2011. Newcastle First has put jobs, education, homes and reinvigorating democracy at the centre of its campaign for the local elections. The party’s aim is to win back the city from the politician councillors
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A Tale of Two Cities

The Leader of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has this week called for action on education after research undertaken by the new party demonstrated that Newcastle still suffers from a postcode lottery on education outcomes. Department of Education figures show that Newcastle is still in the top 20
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An Invitation to Put Newcastle First

A new local party for Newcastle upon Tyne has today written to Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors in the city inviting them to put Newcastle first. The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party was launched on Valentine’s Day, making clear that it hoped voters would take it to their hearts by 5 May. It was
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A Valentine Message to the City

A new local party dedicated to Newcastle community issues and not politics gets a Valentine’s Day launch, hoping that voters will take it to their hearts in city elections 11 weeks from now. It says the national politics of the mainstream LibDem, Labour and Tory parties are failing the people of Newcastle and
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