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Secret Review of Bus Shelters

Newcastle City Council has undertaken a secret review of bus shelters across the city. The citywide review of bus shelters has identified which stops justify the provision of a shelter. They have a list of 504 stops which have been prioritised for shelters while bus stops not on this list will not have their
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Save Blackett Street Campaign Launched

Newcastle Independents have launched a campaign to save Blackett Street from Newcastle City Council plans to close the artery route for East – West bus services in the city. Blackett Street is the main route through the city centre for many of the city's buses next to Old Eldon Square and the Monument.  There has
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Local Campaigners Publish Manifesto for the City

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has published its manifesto for the city council elections on 2 May. The independent campaigning organisation is contesting 7 wards in the West of the city. The manifesto focuses on the issues residents are concerned about including: Getting the basics right by
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Newcastle First Backs McCabe4Mayor

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has this week thrown its weight behind John McCabe’s campaign to be the first Elected Mayor for the North of Tyne. John McCabe is the only independent candidate in the mayoral election and he has committed himself to: Closing the economic gap between the North of Tyne
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Local Car Tax

Newcastle Car Tax Labour and Lib Dem councillors approved a consultation on council plans to charge motorists entering large parts of the city or crossing the Swing, Tyne or Redheugh Bridges. What we think...  Many residents complain that council road changes have created the very pollution they seek to end. In
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Free Lottery Ticket

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party is offering a free lottery ticket with the launch of its new online shop. The offer is for a free Euromillions+ ticket with a £2 Euromillions ticket. Party spokesman Jason Smith said: "Our new offers page, which we have developed using the NEOffers platform gives our
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