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Local Campaigners Publish Manifesto for the City

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has published its manifesto for the city council elections on 2 May. The independent campaigning organisation is contesting 7 wards in the West of the city. The manifesto focuses on the issues residents are concerned about including: Getting the basics right by
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Newcastle First Backs McCabe4Mayor

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has this week thrown its weight behind John McCabe’s campaign to be the first Elected Mayor for the North of Tyne. John McCabe is the only independent candidate in the mayoral election and he has committed himself to: Closing the economic gap between the North of Tyne
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Local Car Tax

Newcastle Car Tax Labour and Lib Dem councillors approved a consultation on council plans to charge motorists entering large parts of the city or crossing the Swing, Tyne or Redheugh Bridges. What we think...  Many residents complain that council road changes have created the very pollution they seek to end. In
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Free Lottery Ticket

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party is offering a free lottery ticket with the launch of its new online shop. The offer is for a free Euromillions+ ticket with a £2 Euromillions ticket. Party spokesman Jason Smith said: "Our new offers page, which we have developed using the NEOffers platform gives our
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Sign Up for Our Mailing List

Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Address City Postcode Contact Number Please contact me about how to get involved Yes No I would like to sign up for the e-newsletter * Yes No
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Thank you

Thank you to every one of the 5103 people who voted for us in the local elections. With just 8 candidates, we were able to achieve almost 3% of the citywide vote. Party Leader Jason Smith said: "We do not have the same level of resources as the political party candidates we were up against. […]
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Join Our Mailing List

We will be relaunching our e-Newsletter in the coming weeks. We have not been able to update our old mailing list into the new software so unfortunately will have to rebuild it from scratch, so even if you were on our mailing list previously, we need you to sign up again. We hope you will […]
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Vote for Local Community Candidates Today

Don't Just Hope For A Better Newcastle. Vote For It. Today is your chance to take back our city from the party politicians who have failed us for too long. There are 18 Newcastle First and Independent local community candidates standing in this election in the following wards Each independent candidate has made
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