Action Needed On Crime

Action Needed On Crime

Residents are concerned about ongoing  problems with vandalism and anti social behaviour in parts of Chapel, Denton & Westerhope and Lemington wards. The Newcastle Community First Party is demanding urgent action is taken.

The call comes as it is revealed that Morrisons at West Denton has had to close one of its entrances after dark because of a gang of teenagers terrorising customers and staff by throwing bricks and bottles at the store. It is believed that this is the same gang that has caused problems in residential areas across the area.

Lemington candidate John Gordon said: “Local residents’ lives are  being blighted by the actions of a relatively small number of young people.”

Denton & Westerhope candidate Tracey Mitchell said: “We have written to Vera Baird, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria demanding action is taken. Despite the problems, there are too few police patrolling our area at night. It is disappointing that Labour councillors have allowed the situation to get out of control.”

“If elected as councillors for Denton & Westerhope, we will insist that tackling youth offending is made a higher priority by Vera Baird and her office. We have seen a 12% hike in council tax for the police but, like the Labour controlled council, Vera Baird is expecting local people to pay more for less. Vera has taken our money so now we expect action. ”

Lower level crime, such as quad bikes being ridden round local streets and fields, are a regular occurrence too. In addition to the problem of anti-social behaviour, there has also been an increase in thefts across the area.

In October, the Westerhope Village Post Office was raided by a man who threatened staff with a knife, a terrifying experience for people serving the community. As a result, the post office has remained closed. This selfish act by a lone individual has resulted in the loss of a vital local public service.

Alan McKenna added: “We are calling on the police to do more to tackle the anti-social behaviour and thieves who do so much to blight the lives of local people.”




Local Community Candidates are demanding urgent action on anti social       behaviour in Denton & Westerhope.



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