About Us

About Us

About Us

We were formed by people who have been involved with other parties and people who have never been a member of any party.

Many of the party politician councillors who run our city spend their time in the council chamber squabbling over national issues and accusing each other of failing our city.

At the heart of our organisation is a commitment to make our city a great place to live with improved quality of life for all. Newcastle suffers from some of the worst health and education outcomes in England.

The environment is central to a true sense of community, locally and nationally. Newcastle needs sustainable development to improve our economy and build the right number of homes to live in while protecting local green spaces.

Newcastle Independents believe that local people want our political representatives to stand up for us, to fight on behalf of local people and to deliver better services.

Newcastle Independents believe in devolution from national to local and from the city council to local communities and street level parish councils. We believe that the local issues need a local solution not one imposed from London.

Many local people believe the national parties have failed us and that is why they do not vote in local elections. Newcastle Independents is not driven by party dogma and is fighting for a better deal for our city.


Party Leader & Treasurer: Jason Smith

Deputy Leader: Ian Donaldson

Other Officers: 

  • John Gordon
  • Adam Mitchell
  • Tracey Mitchell













Campaigning for a better city and

always putting people before politics

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