A Valentine Message to the City

A Valentine Message to the City

A new local party dedicated to Newcastle community issues and not politics gets a Valentine’s Day launch, hoping that voters will take it to their hearts in city elections 11 weeks from now.

It says the national politics of the mainstream LibDem, Labour and Tory parties are failing the people of Newcastle and existing Labour and LibDem councillors spend too much time playing politics in the council chamber.

So it is launching itself as Newcastle First with a pledge to focus on issues residents want tackled and deliver better local services. And it is seeking like-minded volunteers to join them to win seats in May’s elections.

Some founder members now planning the campaign have never joined any political party. Others have but have quit them to become independent and stand for Newcastle First.

Jason Smith, who will represent Newcastle First in Westerhope Ward, said: “Many people have told us they want councillors to focus more on local issues. This is their chance to help launch a new council era with Newcastle First. Our independent culture is always to put people before politics.

“We love our city and we believe the time has come to put its interest first."

Ian Proud, a former councillor who stood in the General Election as the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle North said: “Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors argue over which party has let down Newcastle the most and they play games rather than standing up for the people they represent.

“It is clear that Newcastle will never be a priority for leading Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour politicians. Every member of Newcastle First will put Newcastle first and every one of our candidates will be a local person fighting to improve our city.

“Liberal Democrats were once regarded as the party that would bring change to Newcastle. Like their broken promises at national level, they promised to save the middle schools in the Outer West and then closed them once in power. Now Labour are taking for granted that they will win back the council in May because its their turn again. The old politics is failing Newcastle and we need a new approach."

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