Thank You for Your Support

Thank You for Your Support

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has thanked Newcastle residents for their support in the local elections.

Since Newcastle First was established in 2011 to offer a community based alternative to Labour, Lib Dems and Tories in Newcastle, a number of other parties have started fielding greater numbers of candidates.

Party leader Jason Smith said: “Although we have faced greater challenges in recent years, we have a proven track record. Unlike some parties who only appear at election time, we are working in the community all year round.

"I would like to put on record my thanks for every single vote given to one of our candidates. We were delighted that city residents put their faith in us to bring real change to our city.

“Newcastle First is increasingly seen by many as the only challenger to Labour locally and that is why the national parties are coming to their aid with spoiler campaigns intended to stop us challenging the politician councillors.”  

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