Together, We Can Win Back Our City from Politician Councillors

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party is a new kind of party that puts people first with strong people-caring policies. 

We are Newcastle’s only independent party.

Councillors belonging to old-fashioned parties - who run our city - spend their time in the council chamber squabbling over national political issues and toeing their party lines like Noddies.

They do not pay full and proper attention to what residents really want.

Newcastle First believes that local people want the councillors they elect to stand up for them and deliver what is needed in public services, amenities and improving quality of life.

Newcastle First can pledge to do that because we are truly different. It includes people with passionate community spirit. Some have never been a member of any party, others have but all are determined to put people first.

Many local people believe the national parties have failed us and that is why they do not vote in local elections. Newcastle First is beyond party dogma and fighting for a better deal for our city.

Newcastle is our city - so join us in fighting to win it back from the politician councillors representing who are the puppets of their political masters in London.

Don't just hope for a better Newcastle....

.... Help us make it happen



Don’t just hope for a better Newcastle. Help us deliver it.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party is looking for committed, independent people who want to change our city for the better. Local people can become involved as a community campaigner, a member of Newcastle First or help distribute local newsletters. They could even help us to take control of the city by standing for […]

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New Website Launched

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has today launched a its new website at www.newcastlefirst.uk. This website has been rebuilt from the bottom up with content recreated from the old website as well as including new features. Party Leader Jason Smith said: “Our web presence has always been important to us and the partial […]

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