Where I Live Denton & Westerhope

Denton & Westerhope

In the Outer West of Newcastle, Denton & Westerhope Ward comprises Chapel Grange, Hillhead Estate, West Denton, Westerhope Village and parts of East Denton.

Sarah Armstrong and Ernie Shorton are the local campaigners for this area and are also the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party spokespeople for Denton and Westerhope.

Ernie (pictured left) lives locally and is a well known campaigner in the Chapel and Denton & Westerhope Wards. In the 2016 local election, Ernie achieved more votes than Lib Dems and Conservatives combined.

Sarah (pictured right with Sir John Hall) lives in West Denton. As the Newcastle First candidate in 2016, she beat both the Lib Dem and Conservative candidates.

Both have a proven track record of action locally.

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