Our Manifesto

We are developing our manifesto for the coming local elections. We would love to hear your ideas.

Our Policies

We believe that the council should be run by local people who care passionately for our city and answer to us not their political masters in London.

We are concerned about immigration, getting a good deal from Brexit and we want more investment in Newcastle and the North East. We want to put more power in the hands of local people through representative structures at street level, we want to protect local services from politically motivated cuts and we want to make improvements to our local infrastructure.

We have campaigned for:

  • Jobs for Geordies. We will fight to create 10,000 new jobs in the next five years by redoubling our efforts to attract new businesses into the city and supporting start-ups.

  • New Homes for Local People in the places where they are needed.

  • A better start in life for young people by tackling the causes of Newcastle’s poor education outcomes.

  • Defending the greenbelt and open spaces.

  • A new kind of politics, in which we would make the council more responsive to the needs of local people and introduce a new right for citizens of Newcastle to challenge the council.

  • Supporting vulnerable citizens by continuing to defend the interests of vulnerable citizens who rely heavily on council services.

  • End the war on motorists but supporting improvements to public transport and the cycle network.

You can help to develop our policy agenda for the city by contacting us to get involved with Newcastle First. Click here to get in touch.