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Controversial Plans Sneaked Out

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has submitted its response to the council’s draft Development and Allocations Plan (DAP). The DAP is the second part of the development plan for Newcastle, which describes the detailed guidance to support the strategic policies set out in the Core Strategy and
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Communal Bin Chaos

Residents have condemned Labour’s latest savage cut which could see the removal of thousands of bins from Newcastle. They are pressing ahead with the roll out of the controversial communal bins across the city. In areas where they have been introduced, residents have complained that the communal bins are filled
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Labour’s Controversial Parks Proposal

Labour’s Controversial Parks Proposal Unveiled   Kim McGuinness, Labour councillor for Lemington, has admitted that there has been “a notable decline” in the quality of play areas in Newcastle since Labour took control of the council and that it is now “policy to remove play equipment rather than
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A1 Link Road Saved?

Local campaigners were celebrating after learning that Highways England is unlikely to be closing the Birchfield Gardens access to the Western Bypass when they widen and reduce the speed limit along the A1 between Scotswood and Brunton. Jason Smith, who was recently re-selected as the Newcastle First spokesman for
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New Website Launched

The Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party has today launched a its new website at This website has been rebuilt from the bottom up with content recreated from the old website as well as including new features. Party Leader Jason Smith said: “Our web presence has always been
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